“I get no respect!” … a line coined by Rodney Dangerfield.

A sentiment maybe shared by many fathers.

I understand that there is a lot of heartache in the soul of many.

Being fatherless is I imagine quite painful.  To yearn for fatherhood and to not experience it must leave the heart a little tender and sore.

But whilst I acknowledge the pain, and heartache today I want to champion the men who are present, who are not absent but who are present and active in parenting.

There are many dads who are real parenting just like there are many mums who are real parenting.

I see dads every single day who are up to their eyeballs in parenting.  They do play group, bath time, school runs, doctor runs!  They plait hair and attend soccer and dance classes.  Many juggle their work schedules so they can turn up for a school performance or a birthday party.  They rock new born babies into the early hours of the night and take their turn snuggling with sick kids throughout the night.  They both take kids away on adventures.  Solo parenting and handling the whole adventure with competence and ease.

I learn so much from men about this thing called parenting.

I love watching them instil purpose and destiny into the hearts of littles.  There is a firmness and belief in their tone that makes me believe anything is possible.

I love how they help make the world a little simpler, a little more black and white.  Sometimes there can be too much change and grey and they seem to have this ability to cut through the “muck.”

I love how they give the gift of time and presence.  Their ability to play, to be present, to giggle and laugh out loud is a gift.

Sometimes it’s hard to see because the stereotypes exist.

Daddy is forgetful.

Daddy needs help.

He won’t cope without my long list of reminders.

We think dads are babysitting when in actual fact they are parenting it just looks different to how I might parent.

I don’t think father’s are loveable screw ups.

I think they are savvy, competent and up for the challenge.

This father’s day I hope we can leave the stereotypes behind and see the amazing gift so many dads are being to their children.  How competent and able and how we can all learn from their parenting.

So to all our dads, “Happy Father’s Day!”