Our Hydrangea Day Dreams styled shoot was dreamed up on a whim.

Have a Look at Our Dreamy Hydrangea Day Dreams Wedding Styled Shoot


Read About How we Created this Amazing Look! 

We had left over Hydrangeas from our Valentines Date Night and we just had to make the most of them while they were fresh.

I love how full hydrangeas are. You don’t need many to make a statement.

This was really important when choosing flowers for Date Night, as we need flowers for 30 tables and had a budget. One stem per table of 2 looked perfect and added a dreamy quality to the romantic dinner.

We kept the styling very minimal for this styled shoot. The decorative items on the table included silver charger plates, 5 white hydrangeas, 4 candles and a white linen table runner.

Styling your Hydrangeas… 

Another great thing about hydrangeas is they look great cut at many different lengths. For Date Night we kept the stems relatively long and put them in old whiskey bottles.

But as we were going for a long table style for this shoot, short stemmed hydrangeas were ideal. It is important that your styling doesn’t get in the way of conversation. This means you have to try to keep flowers low, or have the flowers high enough that people can talk through them. You never want to place your decorations at eye level for a long table event.

Hydrangea Day Dreams Tailrace Wedding Styling

Silver Details… 

This also gave us the perfect excuse to showcase our silver vases. The silver charger plates and silver vases add the perfect, subtle touch to an otherwise very white styling. They break the white up and highlight the hydrangeas and other elements without being overpowering.

Hydrangea Day Dreams Tailrace Wedding Styling

Choosing the Right Candles…

For the candles, there were two options; we could either use big candles or small tea lights. It was important they were not the same height as the hydrangeas as you want to add different heights to your styling. Otherwise things can look a bit boring.

In the end the large candles were chosen to make the table look more full. Pillar candles also create a very romantic look.

Hydrangea Day Dreams Tailrace Wedding Styling

Above the Table… 

Lovingly handcrafted for us, these simple white ladders are the perfect piece to make your Bridal table pop. Draped with white fabric, the ladders create a feeling of intimacy and draw the eye. We previously used these in our Soft Romance wedding styling, however, this time we accented it with a bouquet of the beautiful hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Day Dreams Tailrace Wedding Styling

Your Wedding… 

We would love to recreate this look for you with your own special twist…

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Shot & Styled by Rachael O’Neill



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