Happy Birthday Sarah


I have a veracious appetite for life.  I find life delightful, exquisite, something so delicious.


Dear Single Mum

I want to sit in St Mark’s square in Venice with my husband enjoying great cocktails and great food.

I want to invite someone to share food and conversation around the table with me – like everyday!

I want to create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy and celebrate life.


Happy Birthday Sarah


It's a Wrap - Enchanted EveningI want work to be expansive, creative, vibrant and empowering.

I want to raise up the next generation and give them space to pioneer.

I want to be part of a real, authentic, vibrant loving community. I want to drop off casseroles, and flowers. I want to write lovely notes and thoughts to friends. I want to visit people in hospital. I want to be as generous as I can to the world that I love so much.



Meet ShelleyI want a warm home, where it smells of basil, and garlic, coriander and spice. I want to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and landscapes.

I want an amazing marriage. I want to spend time with my kids every day – even when they are in different parts of the world.

I want to read and devour the wisdom of the ages.

When I grow up

Italian Date Night

shutterstock_111168947But here is what I’ve found…
when I allow my veracious appetite for life to be hurried I don’t get what I’m really looking for.

I am so hurried rushing from one thing to the next gorging myself on life that I get short tempered, frazzled, anxious, worried, tired, and exhausted. I lose peace. I lose joy. I lose gentleness. I lose love.

The people that I love the dearest – my husband and kids and close spiritual friends often get the left overs. Joy doesn’t bubble as I sit down around my big table with family because my being is tired.

When I Grow Up

Father's Long Table Feast

Mum's High Tea

Green tea time turns into sound bytes.

Children can’t embrace me.

I don’t have time to hear the excited babble of their soul as they effuse about life

My romantic thermometer ends up around my ankles.

Tailrace Baby News

Tailrace Baby News

when I grow up

Love is patient.

Love needs slowness not Hurrry!

Love requires me to remove the rushed sound bytes from my life.

It means I have to eat less courses.

It means I have to chew over each course.


In the slowing what I discover is joy, love, peace and gentleness are on the menu … and when I’ve finished eating?

My soul is full to the brim and I don’t want MORE.


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