How can I be sure if they are the one?

In every romantic relationship there comes a point where you ask, “how can I be sure if they are the one?”

So you wonder is he or she the one?

How can I be sure?

Are they the one to marry?


You love him with everything you’ve got.

You feel she is the ONE.

The ONE for you…


But how can you be sure?


I was there once.

32 years ago I wondered if the man I was going out with would ever pop the question and if he was the one.  I know he wondered the same thing.  Its crazy isn’t it how you can love someone but also feel that knot of fear?

Marriage is such a big step.  Two souls being joined.


It’s romantic crazy but its also making a decision to really choose one another, to say, “I Do’s!”


In many ways it’s taking love to the next level.


Let’s face it if you make the wrong decision so many things are impacted, family, children, work locations, home locations, finances.


But today we can eliminate so much fear.


We have access to an amazing Couple Discovery Tool.


It is all about helping you come to the wedding ceremony with confidence.


So how does it work?

You both independently answer some questions about yourself, your relationship and your life on line.  The program works its magic and produces a personalised snapshot of your relationship.

Its objective results give you a clear understanding of you and your relationship.

Then we get together and we chat about the results.

When providing couples with the personalised snapshot of their relationship I have found couples become confident.

They begin to see their relationship in a new light.

They gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress and strength and growth areas.

The receive personalised insight into their relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality, spiritual beliefs and family systems.

It strengthens their relationship and grows their confidence.

So why not have a conversation about how this beautiful program can help you?


It’s great for engaged couples

Couples dating and wondering about the next step

We even have a tool for married couples who want to iron out a few wrinkles and fears.


Next Steps

If you would like to have a conversation please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.


Basic Package: $100

2 Hour Personalised snapshot

2 Hour Feedback Session


Some testimonials:

Mary and Richard Hawley:

“We found the whole process encouraging and enlightening. It was great to do the online component seperately, without input on each other’s answers and then to see how all the pieces fit together. Sharon was incredibly insightful in going over our results with us. We really appreciated the informal setting, over dinner, which put us both at ease and felt like a truly relaxed. honest space. Since being married, we have reflected on the insights uncovered in our prepare/enrich session and it has been most helpful. Overall, we came out of the session feeling encouraged full of hope, ready to start our new chapter somewhat prepared. Sharon is an incredible facilitator, able to put people at ease, full of joy, fun and wisdom. We would recommend every couple do this!”

Jenn and Mick Walker

“We absolutely loved doing the pre-marriage, prepare enrich with Sharon. Once we had completed the questions – separately of course – there was so much excitement, nervousness, and hope! Excitement from anticipation and chatting about the questions, nervousness because we didn’t want to “score low”, but so much hope because Sharon beautifully explained there is a positive way forward no matter what the answers come out as.

We felt really at ease letting in her into our relationship from the get go – she is so present and insightful. When we had our results meeting, there were many “aha” moments, glimmers of hope, lots of nodding and laughter to be had. It really gave us a deeper understanding of why we do what within our relationship. We were amazed that we could get so much insight into our relationship just from answering a few questions. We were still giggling days after over our results – they were so true! The experience was so rewarding and encouraging. We were affirmed in our strengths, but most importantly given positive pathways to go through for our areas of difficulty. We really do feel prepared and enriched. Thank you Sharon, for making us feel so at ease, being so present, and giving us a lot of hope and insight. It has been fantastic.”