Holly’s Bridal Shower!

Holly's Bridal Shower!

Holly’s Bridal Shower!

People often say your wedding is the best day of your life.

It is one of the best days!

But I think there are other days that contain their own sweetness.

I love the sweetness of a Bridal Shower.

I love watching older women… women who have had their babies and sent them on their way, find room in their heart to give all they have received from their marriage journey to a young bride.

Young brides are starry eyed with their own young marriage and romance, getting excited for another.  Another girl to join the tribe.

Young single girls whose hearts are filled with anticipation for this very special and sacred moment of a friend.

There is a sweetness to Bridal Showers.

In Victorian times girls would bring small gifts, notes and home goods.  These gifts were put in an open parasol and they would then “shower” them over her.

I loved watching Holly be showered with love by her sister, girl friends and soul friends.

Lydia helped create an event that was full of sweet goodness.

Pirouetting around the room Eleisha and Leilah ( daughters ) captured the joy welling up in every woman’s heart.  I think Eleisha thought the party was for her and I truly believe she thinks she is the one getting married.

Marriage is the most important day of Holly’s life and women from all generations came together to give Holly a rug they had crocheted together.   Contained in each stitch was hope.  Hope for a joy filled marriage.  Wisdom hard won and earned by the passage of time was stitched into the rug with prayerful reflection.  Every woman hoping for the world for a girl who felt like a daughter.

There is something so rich about pouring love and hope into a bride to be.

I love the sweetness of a bridal shower!

The photos were taken by Shirley Bliss Syling and Photography – a soul sister’s heart poured out for Holly.














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