Want to Create the Perfect Greenery Wedding Styling?


Using greenery for your wedding is an easy way to create a timeless and elegant look. For decades bay leaves and olive tree leaves have been a staple for Tuscan and Mediterranean weddings. However, more recently the look has been adapted in Australia and eucalyptus leaves and other Australian natives have been used to create a similar effect.


Here are our top 5 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Greenery Wedding Styling


1. Choosing the Right Leaves…

When you are choosing your leaves there are a few things to consider;

  • What colour do you want? light green, dark green, blue toned?
  • Does the leaf have a strong scent?
  • How long will your leaves stay fresh? You should always try and pick your leaves as late as possible to keep them fresh for the reception.

At Tailrace we love to use bay leaves. These leaves have a beautiful dark colour and typically keep fresh for a few days after picking. They also only have a soft scent which freshens a room without causing noses to twitch and itch!

2. Add a Little Light…

Greenery naturally creates a warm, homey feel when it is used to decorate a table. Your candles and fairy-lights should match this. Stick with tea-lights, taper candles or pillar candles in simple jars, vases or candlesticks. You don’t want to use anything too flashy or sparkly. If you can’t call it simple don’t use it.

This does not mean you can’t use metallics. Copper, gold and silver can look gorgeous with greenery. Just keep it simple.

If you’re using fairy lights or copper wire lights, always make sure they have a warm light. Cool lights are too harsh and often detract from the warm atmosphere.

3. Keep Your Linens Neutral…

Your linens have a big impact on your styling as it forms the base of your tables.

For your tablecloths, you should stick with white, grey or a beige when styling with greenery. You want to let the greenery stand out. Other colours can clash or make the table look too busy.

Your napkins should also be neutral and white, grey, beige or navy always work well with greenery. Sometimes a touch of blue helps break up the green and adds a mediterranean feel to the look.

4. Build Your Colour Scheme…

You can’t go wrong with white tablecloths and green leaves, but it can also be a little meh. You want to add something like wooden elements or use gold candlesticks to make it that little bit extra special.

For this shoot we used blue glass votives and wooden boards to add height and break up the green and white. The copper wire fairy lights also added a little bit of warmth to the table.

We’ve also seen others use gold or silver taper candle holders with bold candle sticks to liven the look up.

5. Spice It Up…

Do something that sets your event apart. That might be hanging greenery from the ceiling or adding white roses to the greenery.

We chose to hang some bay leaves from the ceiling to create elements of height and to add that WOW factor to the the look.

Just have FUN with your wedding styling!

Get the Look…

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Shot & Styled by Rachael O’Neill 

Room used for shoot is The Chapel. 

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