Good bye Georgia

Good bye Georgia

This week we say Good bye to Georgia.

Georgia is leaving us for the sunny shores of New Zealand.  She leaves for love.  Reese you’re a lucky man.

We will miss her immensely.  Who is going to do the IT now, who will jump in and fill positions when someone is sick or on holidays.  Georgia has been our go to person and we love her dearly.  She will be missed.

We asked Georgia to write some reflections of her time at Tailrace Community and this is Georgia’s heart.

How do you say goodbye to your home?

To me  Tailrace Community is love in action.

I love that July is called creating memories. I know that in my 5 and a half years of involvement with Tailrace Community I have created memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m not looking forward to the last time I leave the Centre.  It has housed my highs, my lows and some of the biggest moments of growth in my life. I think I’m most worried about losing the person that being involved in the Tailrace Community has made me.

Good bye Georgia

Everyday I am challenged to push harder go further and achieve more – whether that be in my faith journey with Jesus or just in my work. I have found that sometimes the seemingly impossible is made a reality right before my eyes. Being a part of the Tailrace Community has also challenged me in my personal development and attitude towards work.  I have accomplished things I never thought I would do and learned skills that will last me a lifetime.

Good bye Georgia

I’ve worked in just about every area of the Tailrace Centre and I mean that literally – I will forever be grateful to my 3 work ‘mothers’, Sharon O’Neill, Liz Jesson and Alana Barker. These women have taught me more about life than I could ever thank them for – which includes cleaning up my frequent messes and mistakes. I’ll miss the hot drink Davo will bring by my desk by 10am; the banter greeting from Dylan Hesp, and spending days in the office with Sophie Skipper.

Good bye Georgia

There are countless others I could list –  but I was given a 600 word limit and there are other things I want to say.

My encouragement to those who are part of the Tailrace Community would be to get involved you get out more than what you put in. I have always seen myself as a gap filler. Sure, I’ve had solid roles over the years but at the end of the day I love filling the gaps. I love finding the holes and seeing if I can learn the skills or apply the right attitude to make it work.

Goodbye Georgia

In saying good bye I think I’ll miss the feeling of anticipation before the moments of love.  That moment when I walk into the Freycinet room on the day of an Enchanted Evening and seeing the grander of what the team have achieved together. I have loved the anticipation of seeing the little girls  walk through those doors.

Good bye Georgia

But as we grow up and seasons change new opportunities present themselves. I cannot wait to start a new life in another country, close to the man I love. I’m excited to see where God takes me and the adventures that I will go on. I feel a sense of peace and rest in leaving, while there is grief and sadness in saying goodbye, I know that support and love won’t be dependant upon a continent or time-zone.

Saying good bye is never easy. But saying good bye with love makes all the difference.

Good bye Georgia

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