Gerry and Trev’s Story

gerry and trev's story Judes cafe

Gerry and Trev’s Story

Today we want to introduce to you Gerry and Trev’s Story.

They are an amazing duo with so much love in their hearts.

Gerry is the painter.  She wakes up in the morning buzzing and that’s before coffee.

I often think of Gerry’s energy for painting as a whirlwind.

She is so inspired by life and nature. She sees vivid colours and can’t wait to get them on a canvas and capture life’s intense beauty.

Trevor takes her beautiful creations and frames them.  The attention to the detail…the framing, the cutting of glass, and of course that final critical eye as he looks and gives the picture the thumbs up.

What I truly love about Trev and Gerry is their heart for people.

We are all touched by someone who struggles with mental ill health and Gerry and Trevor are no exception.  Not content to simply share, and tag friends in social posts they both decided they wanted to become a Jude…someone who wanted to make a difference in the heart of young people and their families.

That’s simply why she painted, and he framed and they gave away a piece of their self to spread a little more love, a little more kindness, a little more hope in Launceston.

Thank you for painting the beautiful pictures for the online auction.  We so appreciate your heart and are overjoyed you are now an official Jude Ambassador.

Thank you to everyone who bid on Gerry’s artwork.

We raised $1500 for Jude’s Projects! How amazing is that?

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