One of the greatest privileges of working at Tailrace Community is raising young men and women and releasing them.

Today we say farewell to Dylan and Jenna Hesp.

Jenna is studying law at Tas Uni in Hobart and needs to be based in Hobart to complete her final years.  It has been a big couple of years with her travelling between Launceston and Hobart at least a couple times a week.  She has sacrificed so much to help Tailrace fulfil its dreams and goals over the past two years so now its our turn to return the love.

Dylan will be continuing his many projects in comedy, film.  But he will also be starting his own table that builds loving communities in Hobart.  So watch this space.

 Farewell Jenna

Jenna thank you for how you have loved the youth and children.  I love watching you sit and chat to the littles and the young uns.

You are kind…

You are patient…

You are generous…

You always believe the best in our littles…

You are one of the most faithful women I know.

To top it all off you have wisdom beyond your years.

We love you dearly and we will miss you but we are also so grateful for all that you have bought to the table over the past few years.  Thank You.


Farewell Dylan

Dylan you have grown up around our table.  We love you dearly and we are so grateful to have you in our life.

Thank you!

Words cannot express our love for you or our belief in you.

You have taken hold of our heart for children and youth and have built something beautiful.

I have loved watching you love the kids and youth as though they were your own.

I have loved watching you raise up leaders.

I have loved watching you laugh and cry for kids.

I have loved watching you LOVE.

Thank you for everything you have bought to the table.

Your communication gift is amazing. Buts what touches us the most is your heart.

Thank you Dylan and Jenna for being at our Table.

I’m looking forward to spending time at your table in Hobart next year and I’m sure Tailrace Community can’t wait to have you come back for visits.

The Future at Tailrace

One of the amazing things Dylan and Jenna have done is build a team.  There will be a new leader Kelsey Clingeleffer who will start just after Christmas.  But on top of that we have 5  interns who are busting to work with kids and youth.  That is on top of the leaders Dylan and Jenna have raised across all generations.  Thank you that all our services and programmes, our values and our culture will continue because of what you have built.

So from all of us at Tailrace Community Farewell Dylan and Jenna

Thank you

We Love and may God bless you richly.

Sharon and Tim O’Neill and every one at Tailrace Community.

Farewell Party

We will be having a farewell cocktail party for Dylan and Jenna on the 29th of January from 5 – 8pm at the Tailrace Centre.  Please feel free to drop in and say Hi.