Tailrace Community has been running the Enchanted Evening for 15 years.

In that time we have always presented a story which includes God and his love for girls.

We have never been secret about the fact that this event is run by a church for the community, nor have we been secret about the fact that there is a story.

We have not changed our marketing thrust or advertising thrust in 15 years. Because the event has been run for so many years by the church we made an assumption that what we had done in the past was clear for today and that everyone knew and understood.  I understand for a few parents this was not the case and for this we apologise.  For me having been involved with this event for 15 years I forgot that with the passage of time people don’t always know who you are.  My mistake.

We will take the feedback on board for 2020 and want to thank people for letting us know.

Tailrace Centre is run by Tailrace Community for the community.

I can understand parental upset when their child is placed in a position where they hear a world view different to the one the parent wants their child to hear.  As a parents we faced issues like this constantly as our children attended schools.  One example for us ,was when our primary school aged children had a new principal who was New Age and decided to implement New Age throughout the local school.  Many parents chose to remove their children from the school.  New age isn’t my world view but we chose to use it as an opportunity for education about world views.  We wanted our children to learn tolerance and respect for diversity of thought and values.

When our children were quite young we took them to meet with Hindu priests, visit Buddhist temples, eat with Seikhs and Muslims.  We wanted them to understand that Australia is a pluralistic, multicultural country.  I would never allow my children to mock, denigrate or use language that was disrespectful of other views.  I wanted them to be fascinated by diversity.

We wanted understanding but more than just understanding we wanted our children to be able to hear views they didn’t agree with without hate speech, anger, intolerance or disrespect.  We wanted our children to be able to respond with love to whatever situation they found themselves in, knowing we couldn’t control every situation they found themselves in.

When ever our children encountered a situation of unexpected diversity we talked.  We found the discussion to be rich.  We found their minds were expanded and their hearts were enlarged.   For us it was an amazing way to teach tolerance and love. Today our children are able to engage with people of all races, all ideologies and world views with acceptance and love.

One of the things I love about Australia is our pluralism of thought.

We will take the feedback on board for next year.

Kind Regards

Sharon and Tim O’Neill