Employing Youth is a dream realised.

Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation. — National Men’s March, 1997

Employing youth a dream realised
Employing Youth a dream realised.

When we were dreaming up the Tailrace Centre as a church we wanted to build a centre where the employing of youth would be a priority.  We dreamed of giving youth a first work place opportunity.  We dreamed of a nurturing, caring environment where youth from all walks of life could be trained, equipped and skilled to be productive in the work place.  We didn’t want to just employ the 5 star youth.  We wanted to be able to employ the youth struggling with brokeness; the 5 star youth, the refugee youth, the disabled youth, the shy youth, the confident and the bold.

To realise that dream has been both a fulfilment and a huge challenge.  It has meant that to get the goal of providing 5 star hospitality is a huge challenge.

It means we have to invest large amounts of  time and resource into training, coaching and mentoring.

This decision also creates some challenges for you the guest.

It means:

  • that you don’t always get a 5 star hospitality service;
  • that you will find staff of varying capacity;
  • that our staff will make mistakes.

In today’s world of hospitality expectation this can be frustrating for guests that demand perfection.

There are times when for management it would be so much easier to employ from an experienced pool.

Our youth are precious.  At the Tailrace Centre they are highly valued, esteemed and dare I say it genuinely loved.

Our youth are our tomorrow.  They are precious, talented, full of unrealised potential, a jewel, they are uniquely talented, purposed, destined.  They are of great worth, dearly loved, precious and worth cherishing.

They are also unskilled, still developing physically and emotionally.  They often lack confidence.  They are still developing their communication skills.  They are forgetful.  They often have to learn a work ethic.  They have to learn to take responsibility for themselves.  Some of their quirks are simply the result of bodies growing physically faster than their minds and emotions allow.

Employing youth
Few things make the life of a parent more rewarding and sweet as successful children.

If you are a guest in Kids Paradise your child will one day be a young person trying to find a first place of employment.  Somewhere that will give them a go.  A first time experience.  As a parent who has already had to go through that process I am deeply grateful to the organisation, the adults, the supervisors, and the work place coaches that have inputted into my children.  I have valued their love and will always be grateful as a mum.

At the Tailrace we are deeply committed to the mental, physical, and relational well being of this our next generation.  One day I will be a granny in a nursing home and I will be cared for by this generation.  I want to be cared by people who have soft hearts and caring hands.  To ensure that that occurs I need to input as much as I can into this generation to ensure that they get how to look after me. The more I invest into them the more they will deliver to a great future.

Nelson Mandela had a saying, “The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children. -”

We want to thank you for supporting Tailrace Centre and our policy of employing youth.  Our training goal is that every person reach a 5 star ability in hospitality.  That doesn’t happen overnight and what I love is that many many guests at Tailrace Centre partner with us in helping our young people become that.

You provide:

  • Gentle and constructive feedback;
  • You catch our young people doing the right and good thing;
  • You use the centre and in doing so help us finance this dream;
  • You provide patience and understanding when they make mistakes;
  • You catch the bigger vision.

For that I am deeply, deeply grateful.  You help to put sunshine into the hearts of our youth.

Employing youth
Thanks for supporting our dream