The air was filled with excitement, expectation and hope.

It was her birthday.

Wonderfully and beautifully created.


The party was to kick off at 1pm and by 1:20 we were starting to worry.

Lips were beginning to tremble and hands were becoming agitated, moods were becoming snappish.

No one had turned up except for the Birthday girl and one other guest.

Eyes that were filled with weariness met mine and a whisper was heard, “They are not coming, my daughter has a disability.  Who wants to hang with someone who is Different?”



The mum turned to me, tears sliding down her face.  “It’s okay.  This happens.  I sent out 30 invitations, I had 10 acceptances but its just too hard for people.  It happens at pick up times at school.  You are never quite enough.  You never receive the invites to conversations, or to events.   You know that your child is not fully accepted.  I can accept being on the fringe because of my daughter but it breaks my heart to see her not fully loved.”


Remember that stupid saying we all make when we are pregnant, “So long as its healthy I don’t mind if it is a boy or a girl.”

As if our hearts aren’t created to love Different.

It is not hard to love Different as our team discovered as we scrambled to become uninvited guests at her birthday party.  Painted nails, sparkled hair, fun with eye shadow.  Chef’s singing “Happy Birthday we are so glad you were born and are alive.”



We had a ball getting to know her heart.

Beautiful and wonderfully made she was.

We loved joining with her mum and saying, “We are so glad that you were born and that you are alive, “Happy Birthday.”