Dear Bride…

I always struggle when people say, “You’re wedding day is the best day of your life.”

They are kind of saying that everything is down hill from there.

We are all told that marriage is serious business once you take off the dress.

There is an element of truth to that.

Marriage is for grown ups.

Be Her Freedom

Dear Bride...

But Dear Bride…

Let me tell you that when you marry you enter into a life that is so rich and beautiful.

When I stood at the altar, I never imagined the beautiful, life altering, soul shaping life that lay ahead of me.

I never imagined that 27 years later I would love him more then I did when I got married.

Sure he’s balding and plumper and my boobs seem to be sagging from experiencing gravity issues and we’re a little more wrinkled.  Our noses are growing and I have to put colour in my hair to cover the grey.  But somehow he seems more attractive to my heart then he did when I was in my 20’s.  A life time of loving moments, collected gifts, notes of comfort and love, treasured memories,  sunsets and sunrises.

I never imagined that someone would know my soul and champion the dreams in my soul like my husband has.

Dear Bride...

Dear Bride

You dance a dance on your wedding day but that dance pales in comparison to the dance of life with your husband.   The dance of expecting your first child – that moment when you lock eyes with each other and go, “Wow we really created this miracle together!”

The daily reception around our table as our family has gathered to do life beats our wedding reception hands down.  The laughter, the stories, the guests, the food, the sharing of life together, the making space for one more.  Rich beautiful moments!

Dear Bride


Before the wedding you experience some tough moments but I never imagined that doing the tough of life would be so filled with safety, love, companionship, togetherness as when I got married.

When you get married you think it’s the best day of your life but it is like dipping your toe in the ocean.  The further in you go the more wonderful the experience becomes.

Love simply blooms with time.

So dear Bride…

Enjoy you’re wedding day.   But remember it is simply one of the best days in your life.