Create memories with Introverts

School holidays

Every child is welcome at Kids Paradise but sometimes Kids Paradise can be overwhelming during school holidays if you’re an introvert.  July is all about creating memories.  So how can we create memories with introverts at Kids Paradise?

Let’s face it, as an introvert your emotional tank can get depleted with a visit to Kids Paradise.

We know that you:

  • Hate new situations and environments;
  • You can get grouchy when you’re around people too long;
  • You can get agitated when there is a lot of sensory overload;
  • Can hate it when you can’t simply play with 1 or 2 close friends;
  • Often feel shy.

So your family wants to visit Kids Paradise and in your heart of hearts you are groaning.

So here are our top tips:

1.  Talk mum and dad into bringing you when its quieter like Friday or Saturday night or late Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon.  First thing in the morning on a Monday or a Wednesday can be a great time as well.  Kids Paradise of an evening when there are hardly any other guests is an introverts dream.

Create memories with introverts

2.  Bring your best friend.  Its easier to hang with your best friend then with extroverted siblings.

Introverts and Kids Paradise

3.  Tell yourself that you need to get out and play with others.  The world is a busy place and there are so many amazing things to explore.  As introverts we have to learn how to get out of our comfort zone.

Create memories with introverts

4.  Play the game of Hide and Watch.  Find a quiet spot and watch the extroverts do what they do.

Create memories with introverts

5.  Play a game at the top of the downstairs playground.  Find a spot and stay there for 5 minutes and then find another spot and stay there for 6 minutes.

Create memories with an introvert

6.  Just remember the average stay at Kids Paradise is 90 minutes – 2 hours so it won’t be long and you’ll be able to get home and read a book, watch that movie, curl up on the floor and play that game that you love to play on your own.  We love how you have been made.  Its awesome.  See you soon.

Create memories with an introvert


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