Child Safe

Child Safe

Australia’s Biggest Royal Commission in history is still in process and its findings leaves my heart shattered for lives damaged by sexual assault.

For over 2 decades I have campaigned and championed the vision that Australia should be and can be the safest place on the planet to raise a child.

This belief led us to help champion with others for Braveheart’s to be given space to educate our children in schools on sexual safety.  As you drive into the Tailrace Centre you will see the Tasmanian office for Bravehearts and the flag flying high.  We are grateful and appreciative of all who were involved in this achievement.

We want Tailrace Centre and Tailrace Community to be a safe place for children.

Child Safe

To this end we have been working to ensure that our staff and volunteers are Child Safe.

So what is our process?

Step 1.  All staff and volunteers wanting to look after children at Date Night, School Holiday Programmes, Youth Group, Kids Club activities, School Support programmes, Children’s Events must apply, be interviewed and provide a reference of good character and moral conduct.  This applies to teenagers, and adults.

Step 2.  Everyone over the age of 16 is required to apply for a Working with Children Check.  This accesses information from the Federal Data bank and provides us with a mechanism for clearance.

Step 3.  Every adult is required to do On Line Training with Child Safe.  Completion of the Assessment is essential.

16 – 17 year olds are required to undertake a Learning Day with Child Safe.  Assessment is an essential component of the training.

Step 4.  All staff are expected to be familiar with the Policy and Procedures Manual. Our manual is based on working with children policies recommended by Child Safe, contextualising it for our own situation.

Our Board has formally adopted comprehensive working with children policies and procedures which are now in place.
In line with our working with children policy we have appointed a Risk Management Officer (Alana Barker) to ensure that policies are properly maintained and implemented and any incidents are reported in accordance with our policies.
Key leaders are undertaking additional comprehensive training that will be conducted by Childsafe.

Step 5.  Coordinators must undertake training at a National Level with Child Safe

Child Safe

We have welcomed the Royal Commission, and are grateful to Hon Julia Gillard for her work in commissioning  that which we hope will leave an enduring legacy for our children.

Our hearts break for anyone who has been on the receiving end of any form of abuse and hope by implementing Our Child Safe Policies and Practices that we have made Tailrace Centre and Tailrace Community a safer place for children.

If you have any queries or concerns in regards to Child Safe please let us know.




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