CAP DEBT Centre is ONE!!!

We are so very very excited.  The CAP ( Christians Against Poverty) Debt Centre is about to celebrate its first birthday.

The CAP DEBT Centre is a free service to individuals and families fighting financial debt.

There are lots of reasons why people experience financial debt.

But when you are in financial debt every day feels like a fight for dignity.

Here is Wendy’s Story:

After years of enduring domestic abuse in her marriage, Wendy finally made the courageous decision to leave with her two sons and find temporary safety in a refuge.

“After we left the refuge, we had nowhere to go. We were homeless for a while, moving from place to place and couch-surfing with friends where we could. There were more than a few nights we had to sleep in our car.”

Wendy tried hard to support her children, eventually finding a small unit for them to live in. But as she struggled to find enough work, the bills began to pile up. With more going out than coming in, Wendy soon found herself in dire-straits financially.

“Eventually you just get snowed under. I had people hounding me for money that I couldn’t pay and I was scared to answer the phone. I couldn’t believe I’d ended up in this situation.

How the CAP DEBT CENTRE works?

The CAP Debt Centre is a Free Service.

Our staff and volunteers visit brave hearts who want to put their hand up and break the cycle of poverty.

This visit is all about hearing story and the desire of hope and help.

After this visit a financial snapshot is gained and the information is sent to CAP headquarters who come up with an amazing PLAN.

From there if the brave heart decides they want help they make payments into a fund with CAP and CAP take care of the debtors.  No more phone calls or people hounding for money.

For Wendy this is what happened when she invited CAP into her situation:

“Working with CAP meant I had someone to walk alongside me, I wasn’t alone. I’m now debt free, sober and my relationship with my children and my mum is restored. My oldest son David is now living with me again and I’m so happy.”

How can I become a CAP Client?

You can become a CAP client and take a step towards FREEDOM by phoning 1300 227 000 or by popping into the Tailrace Centre and having a chat to one of our staff.

How can I support CAP?

You can become a financial donor.  Whilst we don’t charge CAP clients a service fee we do raise funds to cover the administration costs incurred.

You can donate to:

Acc Name: NDCCInc

BSB: 067 003

Acc No: 1000 4274

Mark it as CAP DONATION.


Or you can make a donation through our online shop.

You can also attend the CAP Dinner on the 11th of August.

Where we will be celebrating our first year.

  •  5  families are on their way to being DEBT FREE
  •  2 families have become DEBT FREE
  •  7 families about to sign their way to being DEBT FREE
  •  10 support workers have been recruited and trained
  • 20 volunteers recruited to assist with home care.
  • Partnered with 6 organizations to bring freedom to families.

All of this with only 1 staff member who volunteered 2 days a week to get this service off the ground.

Who knows you may become a volunteer, a vital link in the chain for someone’s freedom.