High School Sweethearts Celebrate their Engagement


Last Saturday we had Caleb and Ebony’s Engagement Party in the cafe. Family and friends gathered to celebrate their exciting news and show their support for this lovely couple. Caleb and Ebony have been a party of our Tailrace Community for a long time. Ebony has worked in the cafe and on functions and Caleb has worked functions and done sound for some of the events.

We would love to share their love story with you all.

How they met…

Caleb and Ebony met on a school Ski camp at Mt Hotham and have now been together for 5 and a half years. How sweet is that! We love how as they grew from teenagers to young adults their love and commitment toward one another only grew stronger.

The Proposal … 

Caleb took Ebony to Clover Hill Vineyard where he knelt down on one knee and proposed. Ebony says it was “so romantic” and tells us she was completely surprised by the proposal. “I was in shock.  We always knew we would get married eventually but I didn’t think it would happen at that time. But I couldn’t be happier”. 

We asked Caleb how he was feeling during the proposal and he tells us, “I was very nervous at the time, it’s not every day you ask the love of your life to marry you”.  Caleb tells us the proposal was about 6 months in the making! He even planned the proposal so that his sister was there to capture the moment and take the perfect proposal photo’s! We think he absolutely nailed it!

caleb and ebony engagement party tailrace

 Planning the Engagement Party and Wedding… 

 Planning a wedding and engagement party is a lot of work and there are a lot of layers to the process. We asked Caleb and Ebony how their experience has been so far. They tell us, “It’s been a mix of excitement, stress and fear.  Some things came together easily but others are taking a lot longer to get done”.  Their biggest priority is “to celebrate with all our family and friends.  Lots of them have to travel to be there so we hope we can plan a day that allows everyone to come”. 

Caleb and Ebony are still searching for their perfect ceremony location, but they will be having their wedding reception with us. We can’t wait to help this gorgeous couple celebrate their wedding! We are so looking forward to making the day as perfect as possible and helping their achieve their priority of including all their friends and family.


The Engagement Party… 

Caleb and Ebony chose to have their engagement party in our cafe. We cleared the tables and moved in the barrels to provide cocktail tables for guests to stand around. The deck was decorated with pot plants and illuminated with our festoon lights. The illuminated deck created a beautiful backdrop for the party after nightfall and gave the guests space to have more intimate conversations. Caleb and Ebony had an assortment of platters on a table in the centre of the space and organised with us to have some delicious non-alcoholic punches available for self-serve. Punches are a great way to brighten up the bar and are especially great for events with young children.

Their engagement cake was lovingly created and decorated by Caleb’s mum, Narelle. It tasted just as delicious as it looks!

 Caleb and Ebony’s highlight of their engagement party was simply “celebrating with friends and family”. We love how Caleb and Ebony are really focused on just celebrating with the people they love. 

caleb and ebony engagement party tailrace

caleb and ebony engagement party tailrace

caleb and ebony engagement party tailrace

Wedding Dresses and Traditions… 

We love hearing all the little stories involved in planning a wedding. The significance of a certain flower incorporated into the bouquet, the story of how the bride found the perfect dress. All these little stories, experiences and traditions are what makes a wedding unique and helps create strong memories.

Ebony has already found her perfect dress. She tells us, “I found my dress at the second shop I went to. I found it very emotional trying on so many dresses but I eventually found the one”. Ebony plans on keeping the dress after the wedding as a keepsake. 

Keeping the dress can be so special. It is something tangible from the wedding that you can look back on and show your future children. 

Caleb and Ebony are also part of the Tailrace Church and really value having a “simple traditional Christian wedding”. They will build their ceremony and reception around these values.


The Best Piece of Wedding Planning Advice You’ve received… 

 Caleb and Ebony tell us the best piece of advice they’ve received is “to enjoy the time planning everything together.  Listen to one another and work together”. We love this advice. It’s so simple, yet so important. Following this advice will help engaged couples like Caleb and Ebony build the foundations for strong marriage. 

Congratulations Caleb and Ebony! We can’t wait until your big day!

Have a look below at some of the lovely photo’s from their event.

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