Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding.


The second that ring goes on the finger as girls we find ourselves creating, designing, planning our fairytale? A Bride on a Budget has such a wonderful opportunity to create that fairytale.

“What will the dream dress look like?”

“Where should the dream wedding take place?”

“How many people are going to be on the guest list?”

“What colour do I want?”

“What month or season will I get married in?”

“Who should be my bridesmaid?”

Bride on a Budget

Most of us aren’t royalty and we’re not marrying into royalty and so whether we like it or not we are a Bride on a Budget.

Believe it or not but when you plan with a budget in mind you have so much more opportunity to be creative and make your wedding uniquely you.  Not only will you get your dream wedding but you will appreciate every decision that you made in making that dream come true.


In the very beginning of this fairytale that you are creating there has to be a budget.

Step 1.  Write down exactly what your income for the wedding is going to be.

If you are paying for the wedding yourself write down how much each of you will be contributing:

Bride/Groom $ ________________________________

Bride/Groom $ ________________________________

If you have a joint account and share income write down what the the total wedding contribution will be.

Total $$ ___eg:  $10,0000___________________________

Step 2.  Add to the above total any other amounts that might be coming in from parents or friends.

Total $$ ____eg:  $2000________________________________

This will be your  maximum budget.

Step 3.  Multiply that number by 12% and then subtract that amount from the maximum budget.

This then is your minimum budget.

This is so important because this way you can aim for your minimum budget and still have 12% as a cushion for any unforeseen expenses or blow outs.

So on this budget it would mean that you would have an extra $1,440 up your sleeve.

This is the very first step to creating the Fairytale wedding on a budget.

If you would like some help in putting your budget together then please contact us to make a time.