Bank of Heritage Isle comes on board as a partner!

We are very excited to announce Bank of Heritage Isle as an advocate for our Baby Sensory program.

About Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory is the first baby program to offer a complete approach to learning and development from birth to 13 months and has been winning national and international awards for its baby development program since 2008

Baby Sensory provides complete sensory development activities that are great fun for parents and babies to share in their vital first year. The rich and varied sensory experiences make it very different from other baby classes.

The imaginative use of lighting, bubbles, bells, musical fun, baby signing, puppet shows, fun with fabrics, glow balls, coloured parachutes, brain games, sign language, music and dance, songs and rhymes, baby whispering, exploratory play, bonding and massage, therapeutic games provide an all-round education upon which learning can build.

It is this wonderful program Bank of Heritage Isle have come on board to advocate for.

As part of this partnership Susan Rose from Bank of Heritage Isle will be on site every second Wednesday to provide banking answers to anyone from the public.  If you can’t make a Wednesday then you can book an appointment to see her on 0478 409 786 or email her on [email protected]

Thank you Bank of Heritage Isle for your advocacy.

Want to become a partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner of Tailrace Centre and our many not for profit activities please contact Sharon or Tim O’Neill on 63274538.

Bank of Heritage Isle