Soft Romance Challenge

Who would believe you could create a Soft Romance look in 2 hours with $150.

These were the goals we gave our in house stylists:


Create a Viewing Room in 2 hours with a $150 styling budget.


We know not every bride has the time or the energy to create their wedding day mood board.

For some brides and grooms the walk down the aisle to “I Do!” verges on a run.

Our team so understand this. For some brides spending money on styling is a low priority.   Even with it being a low priority you still want it to look nice.

You can create a Soft Romance fast and on a budget.

So how did we do it?

The greenery were chose from our own gardens at Tailrace.

The flowers we chose were simple white roses, white chrysanthemums, and my favourite at the moment…Queen Anne’s Lace.

Set against the white table cloths,  the grey black pots accentuate the greens and the whites bringing a Soft Romantic look.  It’s enough!

White rounds allow for great conversations.

The gift simplicity brings is the gift of time.  You have time to be with family and friends, to gather around the table in the days leading up to the wedding.

We all bring values to a wedding and for some of us we would much rather spend our time on a honeymoon destination then on styling.  This minimalistic design allows for Brides and Grooms to dream of Santorini,  Venice, or the Maldives.

If you want minimalistic why not choose our amazing Street Food Menu?

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