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Tailrace Centre Spring Blossoms Wedding Styling

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We Embraced the Season with this Spring Wedding Styling

As Summer draws to a to a close I can’t help but dream of Spring…

I dream of last September when the blossoms were in full bloom, adding soft tones to the landscape.

I created this Wedding Styling last September and it was a typical Tasmanian spring the day. The weather flickered between storms and sunshine…

How we Created the Perfect Spring Wedding Styling…

Lovely Linens… 

For this Styled Shoot we used 3 different colours with our fabrics. A lot of the time people simply go with two colours. The table cloth and the accent colour. However, this look was soft enough that we were able to use light grey table cloths, blush napkins, and a white table runner. Having 3 soft colours allowed us to accent different aspects of the table in a subtle way. However, this will not work with all styles and colour combinations.

One thing I was really excited about was using a linen table runner. I wanted it to be floaty and textured. I didn’t want a flat ironed runner. The runner rose and fell down the length of the table. Twisting gently and curving with the twists and curves of the blossom branches.

Tailrace Centre Spring Blossoms Wedding Styling

Spring Blossoms… 

Encircling our willow lawn are crabapple trees. In autumn they turn the most beautiful shade of orange, however, in Spring they are alive with these delicate blossoms. They create a beautiful entrance for any bride getting married on the Willow Lawn. I borrowed a few of these in bloom branches for the table and I loved the way in which they twisted and naturally rose and fell.

While placing the branches along the table, tiny blossom petals fell and scattered across the table, adding drops of white to the grey background. This was not a detail I planned, but sometimes the unexpected is quite lovely.

*** If you are wanting to style your wedding with blossoms, make sure they are picked and placed at the last possible minute so they look fresh for the event. These blossoms started to look a bit sad after about 5 hours.

Tailrace Centre Spring Blossoms Wedding Styling

The Finer Details… 

I’m a sucker for the details and couldn’t resist going all out and tying a blossom onto each of the blush napkins. I think a flower, or a leaf on the plate or napkin always just adds that extra special touch….

I also used silver charger plates to match the grey, white and blush colour palate. Charger plates add a little height to your plates and napkins and help make those little details stand out.

As this look was very soft and floaty, simple tea light candles in shot glass votives were the way to go. These allowed the blossoms to be the main focus, while adding little pinpricks of light and creating a more romantic look.

Tailrace Centre Spring Blossoms Wedding Styling

The Room…

This styled shoot was done in our beautiful Chapel. The private outdoor garden surrounding the windows makes you feel like you’re surrounded by nature. This was the perfect backdrop for this Spring Blossom look.

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Styled by Rachael O’Neill

Shot by MVisuals


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