When we no longer have a Father to celebrate!

Father's day Long Table

I’ll never forget that afternoon!

Staff came looking for me to tell me they had taken a call from a friend who was sobbing… incoherent on the phone… pain… trauma… shock ripping through their body.  A heart torn apart for a friend who had lost their dad.

Littles left fatherless.

A wife without a husband.

In the blink of an eye.

I watched over the next few days as friends and family gathered to mourn and grieve.

The outpouring of love strong and tender.

It’s nearly a decade since this beautiful father stopped walking this planet.

A decade of knowing that he won’t be there to walk his littles down the aisle.

A decade of coming to grips that he will never see the faces of his grand children.


I often wonder what Father’s Day is like?


No phone calls… no cuddles… no buying of presents or cards… no plans for afternoon barbecue’s…

I watch these girls growing up.  Strong and sassy, vibrant and courageous.

Beautiful girls.  Giggling and laughing and I’m convinced that our hearts are stronger than we realise.

The price of love is grief, pain and heartache.

You can’t love without getting your heart hurt.

I watch these beautiful girls making choices year after year.


What do you do on Father’s Day when your Father isn’t around to celebrate?


These girls…

Choosing to remember… choosing to hold memories close to their heart…

I watch them deliberately choosing to not be bitter… to not go down the road of despair and unhappiness.

They visit the graveside… to remember… to say thank you… to hold what they had with gratitude and love.

To remember this man who gave them the title of daughter.

This is all any of us can do when we don’t have a father to celebrate on Father’s Day.

Cry the tears we need to cry.

Remember the man who is no longer with us  but who gave us the title of daughter or son.

And hold all we remember close to our heart.

Our hearts go out to you this Father’s Day if you’re grieving the loss of a daddy…

May you remember and hold tight the memories and love you had.  xxx



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