7 things Brides forget to do… at their ceremony.

1. Smile as you walk down the aisle.

So many Brides forget to enjoy the moment. Sometimes it can be because of emotion. But a lot of the time it is simply because of nerves and the fact that you’ve been busy. You’ve had so much to think about. You’ve been rushing around hairdressers, make up artists, relatives and family members. You get to the ceremony and your mind and body is still in rush mode. Getting married isn’t a performance it’s a party. You are marrying the man of your dreams. So here’s our tip before you walk down the aisle, pause, take a deep breath, slow down, relax and tell yourself that it’s not a performance it’s simply a party and smile.

Bride smiling
There is nothing more beautiful or powerful then a smile.

2. Have a drink after the ceremony.

So many brides forget to have something to drink and then they get dehydrated which is then followed by a headache. We get lots of requests for Panadol at weddings. You are tired coming into the wedding. Weddings are very emotional. Not only do you have your own emotions to contend with but you have those of your family, friends and bridal party. Then there is simply a lot to organise. At the Tailrace Centre we will always have drinks available for you at the end of the ceremony but if you get married somewhere else you may need to cater for this.

wine glass
Don’t forget to have a drink

3. Have something to eat

Food helps us to slow down and savour the moment. Having food after the ceremony will help you to simply enjoy the moment. It will help you slow down. Most Brides don’t eat before the ceremony. They are rushing around caught up in the day and then once the make up and hair is done they don’t want to eat and ruin anything. So having something to nibble on after the Ceremony is good for your health, your emotions and it will help you savour the day. At the Tailrace Centre we have picnic baskets available for purchase. Another idea is simply to have an afternoon tea for your guests. This allows you to really slow down, greet your guests, get into the celebration and be relaxed before you go to have your photos.

picnic basket
Food is one of the greatest pleasure of life.

4. Go to the toilet

Often photo’s are taken where there are no toilets. Public toilets are not always the easiest of places for brides to go. There is nothing worse then having to hold on in a wedding dress. So before you disappear to have

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your photos use the toilets at the ceremony venue.

toilet paper
Plan ahead

5. Touch up the make up

Love in the shape of hugs, kisses and joy can place additions on our make up that we didn’t intend to have show up on the photo’s. So between the ceremony and the photo’s make sure you do a quick mirror check. This isn’t vanity it just being aware that granny’s shade of lippie might not be your shade of blush.

Make up
Make up touch up

6. Have time with your groom.

Its crazy but getting married is one of the most spiritual things you will ever do. It is the tying of two souls together. It is a big thing for our emotions. In Jewish culture the bride and groom are given a room for about half an hour to savour the moment. This is such a wonderful idea. You may not need a room but you do need some space to whisper, to kiss, to look into each other’s eyes and share the moment. You won’t get this moment in time back again. It is so important that you have time to just rest and be with one another without everyone else watching you.

Take a moment to savour the moment in history

7. Remember to hug your family.

Your mum, your dad, your nan, your pop will have waited and prayed for this day for a long time. They would have worried over you and cared for you. They would have hoped and dreamed that you would find someone who would be tender and loving towards you. Your brides maids and groomsmen are a major part of your life but your family have been there from the moment you first took your first breath. So make sure you give them a huge hug and thank them for their

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love, their care and their nurture. Sometimes they can be overlooked with all the celebrations going on.

The main thing is to savour the moment.