Our belief is that you try on your wedding dress before you buy it and you should try on your venue before you

buy it. 50% of your wedding budget will be spent at the venue. Anyone can create a good menu.  Have great photo’s on the wall, and even create a great brand but not deliver what you want. Choosing your venue is so important. Just because you pay a lot doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best food, the best venue, the best service for you. Try the venue before you buy. Taste their food, meet their staff, see a room done up.

So here are our 5 Tips to Choosing a Venue

Tip 1. Think about what kind of Venue are you looking for?

  • Are you wanting quirky – art gallery, museum, warehouse?
  • Are you wanting small intimate rustic restaurant?
  • Are you wanting a vineyard?
  • Are you wanting a space where you can DYI and have a family wedding?
  • Are you wanting a marquee in the middle of a paddock?There are so many wonderful options to think about.
Wedding venues
What style of wedding do you want?


Tip 2. What do you want from your wedding venue?

– How many guests do you want it to hold?

– Are there different capacities for different rooms?

– Can you have your ceremony and reception there?

– Will there be onsite accommodation for your guests?

– How does the pricing structure work?

– Is it based on room hire, price per head, minimum spend or are there set packages?

– Check exactly what is included for the price and what you’re getting for your money. (Ask whether you can upgrade at any point.)

– Is the catering in-house or is there an approved caterers list?

– Do you have a choice in which suppliers you can use?

-Are there any sample menus you can look at and how do their menu tasting sessions work?

– Is there plenty of natural light or will dark conditions make it tricky for your photographer?

– Will you need to hire in any extra lighting?

– Is there plenty of outdoor space?

– How easy is it to access by public transport?

– Is there plenty of parking?

– What chairs and tableware will you use? (If they’re not to your taste, you might want to consider hiring in your own.)

– If you’re not choosing exclusive use, check how many other weddings are likely to take place on the same day/weekend as yours.

– What are the staff numbers for service on the day? There’s nothing worse than slow service!

– What are your bar options and can you see a bar pricelist?
– Can you supply your own beverages and will there be a corkage charge?

– When can you get in and out of the venue to give access to your suppliers on the day of the wedding?

Are there any particular restrictions such as the use of confetti or candles?

Wedding venues
Ask, Ask, Ask and then ask more questions

Tip 3. How many guests do you want?

This is a huge factor in terms of the room and the venue. There is no point choosing a room that sits only 80 if you intend on having 120 people. So whilst you can’t determine the guest list exactly you need some idea of the number of people that you expect will be attending your reception. 

Wedding venue
Your numbers will narrow down your venue.


Tip 4. Try and visit the venue at the time of day that you intend having your wedding.

If you intend on getting married on the Saturday then view the venue on a Saturday and if you are getting married at 5pm then view it at 5pm. The rooms will look different or you might get an insight into how your wedding might be orchestrated by visiting at the time you intend to be there. 

What time do you want your reception or ceremony to be?
What time do you want your reception or ceremony to be?


Tip 5. Does the venue have heart?

In our mind this is the most important question:  Does the venue have heart?  Getting married is a very emotional day for a lot of people. For you and the groom you will experience delight, excitement, joy, anticipation, happiness, peace, and some nerves at certain points of the day. For parents it can be very emotional – sad but happy. Most venues are very skilled and experienced at providing the hospitality side of wedding service. But can the venue pull off the heart required for a wedding? Can they jump into the weird and the wonderful of your family? Do they have heart to help you with unexpected issues that occur on the day? Will they go the extra mile to make sure that you the person and not you the customer are cared for? When you visit think about how they made you feel? Did you feel cared for? Were they interested in you the person or were they just interested in you because of what you bring to their world? Did you come away feeling heard and valued and nurtured.

Heart is what getting married is all about! Its the theme of your wedding. 

Wedding venues
I Do – requires heart.

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