2015 was a momentous year for Tailrace

2015 has been a momentous year for Tailrace!  From seeing girls set free from sex trafficking, to building homes in third world countries, to helping refugees, to providing community and home to hearts in our own local city, to developing job opportunities and leadership development programmes  – 2015 has been a huge year.  Here are 10 developments that have been huge for us at Tailrace this year.

1.  We have assisted in raising over $200,000 towards causes ranging from Angel’s syndrome, to refugees fleeing Syria, to seeing girls set free from sex trafficking, to building schools in third world countries, and to championing the cause of mental health.  We only take on 10 fundraisers a year because of the volunteer time and hours that our staff put into these events.  Each event takes roughly 50 hours of volunteer hours and the day of the event can be a 20 hour day for us behind the scenes.   That is 500 hours of volunteer time that we give to helping other organisations achieve their vision of love.  We love assisting, helping, praying and advocating.  We love seeing Love On Its Way….  We love doing the behind the scenes work.

Be her Freedom

2.  $100,000 was raised within Tailrace Community to fund the building of community within Launceston.  The generosity within Tailrace Community always astounds my heart.  Local people giving above and beyond to help create healthy vibrant loving community.  Grateful beyond words.



3.  The Enchanted Evening for girls aged 5 – 12 continued to place value on womanhood.  The original vision of placing worth and identity upon little girls in an evening of imagination, beauty and worth reached over 450 little girls in 2015. Some of the little girls experiencing hurt and damage to their identity and self worth  experienced what it is to be beloved.

It's a Wrap - Enchanted Evening


4.  Soul Care was a new development in 2015.  Developed to nurture the hearts of women and to place women back into places of generational love.    The chit chat across the generations has seen women from all ages find purpose, freedom, growth, love and hope.


5.  Through our myriad range of children and youth services we have seen value and worth placed upon 1000’s of Launceston’s children this year.  We lost count of the number of children who expressed feelings of worth, and value as a result of coming in contact with our programmes and services.  One of the goals for 2016 is to try and record more accurately the voice of the children.  But we know that 1000’s of children know that we are glad they were born and are alive.school holidays


6.  Date Night has continued to build time and love and hope into the hearts of couples.  Time and rest make a difference to relationships. We have loved seeing the number of couples who have said, “Our relationship is so much stronger because of Date Nights.  The opportunity for Time Out, knowing our kids are being looked after.”

7.  Within Tailrace Community we have so loved building hope, belonging and purpose into people.  With 8 interns beginning with us in 2016 we are excited to see their gifts, purpose and tomorrow developed.  We have loved seeing marriages restored, bodies finding hope, souls finding a safe home for their heart and families being supported in life.  We12376709_10207570036156303_6538123323682616847_n have loved watching the spirit of “otherness” grow and develop.  The community give 100’s of hours to the local community in all sorts of ways and I love watching that spirit grow and spread.  The spirit of Love on its Way – building a kinder, more loving world!  People finding purpose and meaning to their life – amazing.

8.  We have loved being able to offer employment to first timers and to people with disabilities.  Christmas Eve was such a special day.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the centre.  A beautiful heart with Down Syndrome was offered a position 8 hours a week.  She had been so diligent, so sweet, so amazing in doing her work placement with us that the team said, “Let’s give her paid work.”  When we asked her if she wanted employment her words were, “Really.  I’m so excited.”  In telling her parents later in the day she said, “I went to the toilet and had a little tear.”  I love moments like that.  Watching people find purpose!  In 2016 we will be rolling out our Job Club and a whole range of exciting services ar1012131_10207631246686528_1046973544221473721_nound employment and training.  Can’t wait!




9.  Mentoring of Leaders has continued to grow and expand across the nation.  It has been so exciting to be able to offer this to some of Australia’s leading leaders.  Watching leaders fly into Tasmania, catching a breath of its beauty, allowing their souls to be restored and then seeing them go and create new and wonderful things in our nation.   There is nothing like watching leaders pioneer and create when they are envisioned and well.


10.  Championing the table.  We have loved championing the power of the table.  What happens at the table is far more important than the food.  Around the table hearts can be seen and understood. People can connect and be known. Love has a way of working its magic at the Table.  Present over perfect!


To all the paid staff, to the volunteers, to the givers, to the vision keepers, to the people who have made 2015 amazing – Thank you.

We love you, appreciate you and we are so looking forward to doing 2016 with you.




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