Kids Paradise being messy was never the plan!

Kids Paradise being messy was never the plan!

I wish someone had told me that kids were messy!

Who would have thought something so little was capable of making sooooo much mess.

I never thought I would find  3 rooms blended into one.

Who would have thought that I would find fruit and vegetables at the top of the slide!

Or a pirate costume in the hospital!

I would put everything in order early in the morning and come in 30 minutes later…only to find Kids Paradise looking like it had been hit by a cyclone.

Did you know cyclones are really named after children… that’s my theory anyway.

No sooner would I tidy, then a little darling would go and decide to cook in the hospital or take a sick dolly to the grocers.

Why couldn’t they put things back where they found them?

My sense of “hygge” ( see how sophisticated I am ) was well and truly mucked up.

Where were the parents?

I mean in my day we were so timid. We were simply too scared to “trash” anything and we always had to pack up before leaving.  But kids of today can roar if confronted to clean up after themselves – where did they find that courage?

I understand why a parent simply says, “Home James, Home,” leaving the cyclone behind them.”


But in all of this chaos I have had some absolutely wonderful moments with kids:

  • I’ve been told that I’m getting very old and perhaps need to take it a bit easy!
  • That I couldn’t possibly buy those vegetables because I didn’t look like I could afford them!
  • I’ve been told that I’m very lucky that they are a doctor and can fix me up.  That oldness can be fixed you know with medicine.
  • I’ve listened to kids haggle over prices for goods in the grocers.  I’ve listened to them pat a baby, using words of endearment as they try to quieten a doll.
  • I watched them sell their grandmother as part of the grocery sale.

In all of this it is easy to see that what we often see as mess is children playing.  Doing the important work of trying to make sense of the world in which they live.

They are connecting and interacting with their world in their language of play.

One study found that messy children are more likely to be better at learning.  Toddlers who grasp and taste objects are also better at retaining words.

Maybe just maybe that’s the challenge…

To understand that when Kids Paradise looks like a cyclone, that it has been hit by some very little people who are trying to make sense of the world in which they live.  That these little people are working very hard.

If we listen in to the world that they are creating  we might experience some real moment’s of uncontrollable mirth.

During School Holidays

We have during the school holidays scheduled staff on to assist children with their play, this important work that they do.  These staff members will try to bring a little order to the chaos.

 If the chaos is way too much I have heard that a couple of coffees numbs most needs.

Kids Paradise being messy was never the plan! But I’m glad to be a part of a mess that helps our littles connect with their world.















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