I think over the course of 9 years I have witnessed over 1000 bridesmaids.

One thing I’ve learned is that every girl needs a good bridesmaid friend for life as much as she needs a groom.

I have seen bridesmaids who have cherished their girlfriend.  Who have been sweet hearted and generous, kind and loving!  These girls know that they need one another.  That they can’t do life without having each other in their life.  They don’t make friendship the last item on the long to do list.  They know that just like with breakfast we need friendships.  They need the laughter, the giggles, the girly chats late at night, the sitting around popcorn and a good movie.

Then I have seen the bridesmaid zillas.  The ones who have  stormed out minutes prior to a wedding ceremony, the ones who have stolen money from the brides gift table and the ones who turn up late for every appointment and make the whole event about themselves.  My heart goes out to the bride because quite often bridesmaids turn into zilla’s because no one ever had the conversation around expectations.

So here are our 10 Bridesmaid Commandments.  Follow them girls and watch how love will flow.